• http://www.sacramentoseocompany.com/ Mark

    Hi Jim,

    This is a great post. The whole not provided has been building up for a long time now. I like the post but maybe you can do a follow up on the good alternatives to GA.
    I know there are a ton of better alternatives.

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    Answer me this. If Keyword details are not provided to enable “Secure Searches” then wouldn’t logic dictate that adwords would eliminate keyword data? Re-targeting should be eliminated, cookies, as well as the integration of social data with search data for targeting? These bits of info are far more intrusive than the revealing of the search term a visitor used on a clear and obvious PUBLIC service.

    What is the real reason Google has made this fundamental change?

    Why have so few questioned their rational? SEO’s are usually pretty vocal.

    Security?!! right, and Benghazi was the result of a video, Christy didn’t know, and Rodman just likes N. Korean cooking.

    I can’t help but thinking this is simply about control. The strongest tool an SEO had was keyword data, but they have become too good at wielding that tool, so it was time to remove it?

    What are your 5 bullet point reasons for the end of keyword data?