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    Hey, this is a wonderful article, Stoney! Very thorough and helpful. I’ll blog about this one.

    One of the things I think can be a challenge for small businesses that are also brick-and-mortar stores (particularly in non-metropolitan areas) is that their shop IS often the only source for such and such.

    Take, for example, a furniture shop in a town of 4000 people. If they are the only such shop, they may wrongly believe that they can simply take their inventory on-line with the same results they have in their town. I have seen this repeatedly.

    In such cases, I recommend that they take a really strong look at their inventory, and a strong look at the Internet, and see if they sell something that no one else (or very few other people) are selling on-line. Maybe they specialize in a type of cabinet that is hard to find. Or chairs made of a particular kind of wood. You get the picture. By focusing their site, in the beginning, on a smaller, more specialized product, they can begin to distinguish themselves in the crowded Internet marketplace.

    And then they need to give thought to every point you’ve made here. I really appreciated this article!
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    Great stuff, Stoney! Glad to have you in the Small is Beautiful lineup. :-)

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    Great piece Stoney. We start off with with many SEO clients who have endured unusual degrees of design and marketing progress. Your column does an excellent job of setting the bar. I do think businesses can take comfort in knowing that when they fall short by vision, time or budget that they can benefit from SEO. It’s our job to move them in the right direction. You’ve outlined reality for them very well (and I like the #1 reference).

    Take care,

    Mike Murray

  • http://www.montessoriforeveryone.com Lori

    Thanks so much for this article (I found it through Miriam’s blog). I’m feeling good about my position as a trusted expert in my field, but I realize there’s more I can do to stand out. I’ll be back for more advice!

  • http://www.lovelylongbeachcondos.com James Bridges

    Wonderful article that really gave a good analysis of why you want to care about being more than just #1. I like that you brought up that SEO should be more broad. I am in the real estate industry and SEO is getting thrown about like it is just about Key words so your article was so excellent, I linked to it from my active rain blog. Thank you!

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    Great article, one of the best i ever read. I agree that SEO’s needs to come out of age and focus on SEM.

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    Stoney. … that’s a very good article. It surely makes SEOs rethink their view of this industry. Good job.

    Like I said before … with time SEO is moving away from just TECH world and into marketing world. Those that can’t, will eventually be defeated by others.